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2011- 2015英国利物浦大学生物化学专业博士

2016.02- 2016.04英国利物浦大学,博士


2013~14, 课程LIFE 225 ‘Molecular Science’ level 5;

2014~15, 课程LIFE 122 ‘Biochemical Methods’ level 2; LIFE 237 ‘Molecular Science’ level 5;

2015~16, 课程LIFE 237 ‘Molecular Science’ level 5;




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9. September 2013, 4th FEBS Advanced Lecture Course, FEBS-MPST, 海报展示

10. March 2014, Fibroblast Growth Factor in Development & Disease (Gordon Research Seminar), 海报展示

11. March2014, Fibroblast Growth Factor in Development & Disease (Gordon Research Conference), 报告展示和海报展示